Stampp Corbin

Stampp Corbin is president of ReliaTox Laboratories and is a leading consultant in behavioral healthcare. He has held CEO positions for both multi-location substance use treatment facilities and toxicology laboratories. Stampp is the current president and one of the founders of the Addiction Treatment Advocacy Coalition (ATAC) which advocates on behalf of those suffering from substance use disorder and those organizations that provide mission critical treatment. A former San Diego City Commissioner, Corbin was the Chair of the Citizen’s Equal Opportunity Commission, where he ensured that contracting in the City of San Diego was fair and equally available to all citizens. In his former role as Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees for Mount Carmel Hospitals, a $1.8 billion healthcare provider, Stampp served on the executive, finance and organizational integrity committees. Stampp also has significant board experience in the non-profit and governmental sectors where he has served on governance, audit, development and executive committees. He has served on the National Recycling Coalition’s Board of Directors; he was an appointed member of the State of Ohio Governor's Council on Minority Business; he was appointed a National Advisor to the Small Business Administration during the Clinton Administration; and served on the National Board of Directors for the Human Rights Campaign. Stampp has also served as a Board of Director for Easter Seals, the Columbus Aids Task Force and the Ohio Breathing Association. A graduate of Stanford University and the Harvard Business School, Mr. Corbin couples his outstanding formal education with broad experience in sales, operations and finance. During his corporate and entrepreneurial career, Stampp has developed strategies to launch businesses, as well as corporate divisions, to take advantage of emerging market opportunities. Stampp resides in Los Angeles, California, with his partner Scott Bishop, and reads insurance codes for fun. © 2019 All rights reserved.