Ethics, Best Practices and Effective Strategies Training for Executive, Admissions and Marketing Professionals
6th Annual West Coast Event
October 17 – 18, 2018 - Long Beach, CA



There is no greater purpose in our field than to be a resource to the clients and families we serve.


What started as a dinner conversation in 2012 about the need for quality training and collaboration for our admissions and marketing teams has developed into an event many treatment center owners and executives count on to provide ethics, leadership, mentorship and collaboration for their employees. This unique professional development opportunity is attended by seasoned professionals and newbies alike, and is packed with outstanding informational keynotes and breakout sessions applicable to all.

As a program executive, admissions or marketing representative, you have the potential to change lives and heal generations of families. Every call or contact with a family is an opportunity to help. That initial voice on the phone, be it a receptionist, intake person or community representative, may be the only person the caller ever reaches out to. Our responses and communication with that person are vital. Raising the professionalism in our field with education, ethics, shared experience and communication of knowledge is essential to achieve success.

Our hope is that no matter how long you have been in the field - be it 10 years or 10 days - there is something new for you to learn and share at the Admissions & Marketing Symposium. It is our vision and goal to transform our field into a shared mindset of abundance rather than be divided by scarcity or competition. To collaborate and connect professionals and families with the best treatment resource and opportunity for healing is the take-away message for the event. These opportunities may or may not always be within the centers we are representing, so by sharing information, we will be better able to make the best referral for each and every family and we will continue to grow and save lives. The character traits you nourish, skills you develop, and new information you learn will benefit both your own personal and professional development as well as the success of your center.

The Admissions & Marketing Symposium is the ideal place to find collaborators and mentors, colleagues with years of experience and attitudes of abundance. Join us in this sharing of knowledge and support the change we wish to see in this field.


Event Schedule


Jean Campbell

Jean Campbell, LCSW, CIPP, TEP, spent 11 years in the corporate sector and in her 23 years in the behavioral health field, has led leadership workshops for professionals, provided team building and organizational development in clinical, business and medical settings and has led..

Christi Cessna

Christi Cessna earned a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and was a therapist prior to moving into business development, admissions and strategic planning. For 15 years, Christi worked at Sierra Tucson. During her time there, she was an administrator that served as the Director of Intake...

Sarah Goodson

Sarah Goodson is the founder and CEO of Three Beats Consulting, providing consulting on brand strategy, marketing and business development for individuals and centers. Essentially, clients receive the benefit of an experienced CMO on a contract or project basis. With a Masters...

Scott and Jenny Graham

Scott Graham, an adjunct college instructor, taught drug and alcohol counselor certification coursework, worked in both inpatient and outpatient treatment, and is a CDP III, member of NAADAC and ACA. Scott has worked undercover vice narcotics...

James Hadlock

James Hadlock is a former drug-addicted multi-millionaire turned purpose-driven trainer who speaks nationally on the transformative power of meaningful connection and how it impacts business and personal achievement. With over 25 years of leadership...

Chip Henslee

Chip Henslee is an Account Executive for Alleva, a state-of-the-art technology company for the addiction treatment field. Previously, he worked at Foundations Recovery Network on the conference team. Before that, he was a professional corporate meeting planner.

Terra Holbrook

Terra Holbrook, LCSW, CADC, CSAT, is a well-known speaker, educator, and facilitator in mental health and addictions work. She has a master's degree in social work from Walla Walla University, Walla Walla, Washington. She specializes in working with trauma...

Rick Hubbard

Rick Hubbard was employed in the commercial banking industry for over 20 years before he began his career in behavioral healthcare in 2002 at a highly respected, Texas-based addiction treatment facility. He worked in various aspects of addiction...

Carrie Hunnicutt

Carrie Hunnicutt currently holds the role of Vice President of Marketing for Monte Nido & Affiliates. She has over twenty years’ experience working in the behavioral health business development area and presents on a variety of topics related...

Elizabeth Irias

Elizabeth Irias is a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist with specializations in Utilization Review and Quality Assurance, and also the founder of Clearly Clinical, an online behavioral health Continuing Education...

Andrew Martin

Andrew Martin is the Chief Operating Officer at Behavioral Health Association of Providers. Andrew’s extensive experience in the addiction treatment industry dates back to 2005 and includes founding and operating Serene Scene Magazine....

Harry Nelson

Harry Nelson is the Founding Board Chair of the Behavioral Health Association of Providers (BHAP). He is also the Founder and Managing Partner of Nelson Hardiman, a healthcare specialty firm which is annually ranked...

Karen Odell-Barber

Karen Odell-Barber has over 21 years of experience as an adolescent and young adult therapist. She is an Arizona Regent Scholar and studied at the London School of Economics after she completed her undergraduate degree...

Bob Poznanovich

Bob Poznanovich is Vice President of Business Development for Hazelden Betty Ford. In this role, he is responsible for managing relations with professional referents, managed care and insurance organizations, and other strategic...

Sam Quinlan

Samantha Quinlan is the Founder and Conference Director of iCAAD. She has worked in the behavioral, mental and emotional health sector for 15 years and has an extensive knowledge and network on specialist issues and highlights across...

Fernando Rodriguez

Fernando Rodriguez, MBA, MA, CIPP, has over 14 years of direct client care experience having worked in every level of care with an array of populations. He is trained in multiple modalities, currently training for...

Jennifer Tarzia

Jennifer Tarzia has a master’s degree in counseling and currently works as the CEO of Doyen Consulting Group, an intervention and consulting firm. She has ten years in direct client care and with treatment placement and referrals....


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As the Admissions & Marketing Symposium has grown, we have realized the importance of taking the time to honor leaders in our professional field – those who have exhibited, year after year, the greatness we are striving to promote. We invite you to honor and celebrate these individuals.

The Silver Shoe Award
Presented to a highly regarded member of the addiction and mental health community, who consistently portrays excellence in ethics, professional standards and work ethic.

The Distinguished Leader Award
Presented to an exemplary pioneer and leader in the addiction and mental health treatment community. The individual that is honored with this award has created a path for others to follow that represents leadership, integrity, intelligence and the tenacity to help clients and families receive high-quality and ethical treatment.

2018 Honorees

Silver Shoe
Ruth Ann Rigby
Ruth Ann Rigby
Director of Business Development, Capstone Treatment Center

Distinguished Leaders

Deb Hughes
Deb Hughes, CAS
Chief Executive Officer, Breathe Life Healing Centers

Jayne Longnecker
Jayne Longnecker-Harper, M.Ed.
Chief Executive Officer, Founder & Executive Director, Benchmark Transitions