West Jones

Incredible Operating Officer/Founder, Incredible Marketing
Presentation Title: Recovering Your Web Strategy

West is a serial entrepreneur focused on social impact -- businesses that improve the world. Among other companies, he’s founded Incredible Marketing, Kind, Pistol Lake, and more recently, AddictionRecovery.com. His wealth of experience and insight frequently attract offers to speak at industry conferences in both the United States, the UK, and Australia on the subjects of digital marketing and brand management for medical and recovery enterprises.

In addition to being a musician, published author, and professional photographer, West is an avid surfer, kayaker, fisherman and all-around waterman at heart who still manages to travel the world.

West considers himself a creativist with the motto that life is too short not to enjoy and too valuable not to help others enjoy it too. In all his varied pursuits, West strives to make a difference.

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