Mark Oerther

Director of Marketing, Balance House/EVN SQ
Presentation Title: Understanding the Why and not making it about the Who

With over 20 years of experience in the industries of Mental Health, Substance-Abuse, and Recovery, Mark is a veteran of healthcare program development and marketing. His roles have included Admissions, Business Development, Direct Care and Supervision inside therapeutic settings, as well as Therapeutic Program Management. Mark also helped to start and operate five highly regarded treatment programs around the country.

Mark’s greatest accomplishment is getting sober. There was a time when addiction controlled his life. With much support from his family and others in recovery, he was able to break the cycle of addiction at the age of 21.It has now become his mission to make the gift of recovery more accessible to others. He believes there is hope for every young adult, that they—and their families—may find a new life. To quote his favorite line from the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, “It works, it really does!”

Mark is married to Jackie and has a son, David. They have two dogs, Dakota and Duke. Mark is a huge Philadelphia Eagles fan, and also attempts to play golf(but plays poorly). © 2020 All rights reserved.