Josie Herndon

Josie Herndon, Founder and CEO of Addiction Therapeutic Services, has been working in the field of Healthcare, Behavioral Health and Addiction Services since 1987. She started her journey in her hometown, Loma Linda, where she worked at the Loma Linda Medical Center and Behavioral Medicine Center. In 2000, Josie helped start Hemet Valley Recovery Center as the Director of Admissions and Business Development. Honoring her passion for starting up and branding treatment centers, she founded and became CEO of a national marketing and events agency called Villareal & Associates, Inc., which has been instrumental to the success of many addictions treatment facilities over the last 15 years including her current and long-term client His House/New Creation. Through social media and Villareal’s email database (one of the largest in the industry), Josie has helped countless professionals and facilities to market their services.

In 2008, Josie expanded Villareal’s function to include an educational component and founded, an award-winning online journal and CEU website. The online forum has helped many experts in the field to spread their knowledge as well as learn from fellow addictions professionals. She also co-founded the Admissions & Marketing Symposium which takes place annually on the East and West Coasts.

In 2011, Josie decided to delve back into the hands-on world of addictions treatment. She was appointed interim CEO of Astoria Pointe in Oregon where she was a shareholder. Seeing first-hand that women CEO’s in the field of behavioral health care needed a place for support and advice, she helped to found the Women’s CEO Global Alliance where she continues to serve on the Board of Directors. Josie continued her path as a leader in the field and became a shareholder and CEO of Awakenings by the Sea in Oregon and Desert Palms in California. In 2012, she harnessed her knowledge and passion for running high-quality treatment centers and put all of her energy toward starting Addiction Therapeutic Services. Since then, she has co-founded Addiction Medicine Consulting, a medical and outpatient therapy practice, with her husband Jim Herndon. She also sits on the membership committee for National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers by invitation of the board. Josie and Jim are fully immersed in providing the highest quality of care for addiction recovery.

“Addiction Therapeutic Services reflects my personal and professional values and beliefs. Working in the addictions field has been my lifelong passion and more than that, it’s my life’s work. The team we currently have is the best and most dedicated team I’ve ever worked with. I truly believe that this is God’s work and that He is working through us.” © 2017 All rights reserved.