Derek Daley

Derek is a co-founder of Legacy Outdoor Adventures. He is a passionate advocate of wilderness therapy and committed to the goal of advancing effective wilderness and residential treatment to more diverse demographics. With this goal in mind, Derek founded the Loa Fund, a non-profit organization supporting mental health and addiction treatment. As an avid promoter of positive culture and giving back, he consistently finds ways to cultivate opportunities and inspire those around him. Derek developed the "You Are Awesome" campaign, a positive message campaign designed to promote compassion, kindness and gratitude and has been successfully implemented at high schools, universities and at the Sundance Film Festival. Since 2001, Derek has been living a wilderness therapy dream, with notable efforts at Redcliff, Aspen and Open Sky and is currently the Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Marketing Chair. On the weekends Derek is learning to ski with his seven-year-old son and four-year-old daughter negotiating the dubious hot chocolate to ski-run ratio. © 2017 All rights reserved.